Low cost

Our mission is to make it less expensive for New Zealand businesses to process credit cards online. See our pricing.



Your customers and clients can pay you from their iPhone or any mobile device with a web browser.



Card details are encrypted and stored securely. Never again request customer card details by email. Ever!



Our Startup Plan has no monthly fees so you only pay when you get paid. As it should be.


Not a bank

Kiwipay is a bundled solution—a merchant account and gateway—with automatic fund disbursement.



Customers get immediate payment confirmation and you both receive instant receipts by email.

Accept payments worldwide

Kiwipay helps you reach a wider market by enabling you to accept payments from (almost!) anywhere in the world.

Automatic disbursements

We don’t think you should have to manually withdraw your money when you remember to. Funds settle in 2–3 working days.

Plays nicely with others

From notification webhooks to a RESTful API, we’ve got a lot planned—find out more about our feature requests and roadmap.


Full Shopify integration coming soon for New Zealand businesses selling online. (In the meantime, basic Kiwipay integration with Shopify)

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